Get ahead in digital marketing: Two-day consultative and interactive course

Digital marketing is a discipline which utilises the latest technologies to enhance traditional marketing techniques. Engaging clients, consumers, partners and other stakeholders is the name of the game.

The digital landscape is dynamic in nature and offers up a wealth of opportunities for businesses and organsations large & small to communicate and carry out business.

This two day course is aimed at marketing practitioners, general or digital, who want to get to grips with digital marketing and create campaigns which deliver a return. A certificate is provided on completion as evidence towards your CIM CPD programme.

Jean Atkinson of Eden Marketing will be delivering the course in a jargon free, interactive and consultative approach in order to meet goals of both the delegate and the business they work in. Jean is a Chartered Marketer and trainer with over 18 years’ international experience under her belt and will bring her experiences and that of her clients into the sessions to provide real-life examples of digital marketing in action.


Module 1 – Content is King: Engagement and Sharing form the basis of your digital strategy. Generating content which not only aligns itself with the goals of the business, but also your audience, will cut through the noise and bring your business to the forefront of your industry. This session will focus on identifying the wealth of rich media content available, how to reinvigorate your current knowledge bank, the various free and fee-based products which will support the creation of content and developing a schedule for your digital campaigns.

Module 2 – Digital Hub: Whether it’s a website or a social media page, you will have a hub where all your roads lead. The place where your ideal audience can learn, engage and communicate with you. It’s where you have the most control in terms of the user journey and creating those all-important call to actions (CTA). This session will focus on creating the ideal user experience; from building the road and creating the perfect on-page environment through to the completion of individual journeys and conversion.


Module 3 – The Social Landscape: Social media has a place for all businesses. The key to a successful social campaign is to think like your customer. Once you know where they are hanging out and what they are interested in, you can then harness the power of social media for business. This session will focus on understanding which social media tools will support your marketing objectives, how to use them, when to use them and most importantly how to evaluate the success of them.

Module 4 – Digital Roadmap: A well-structure marketing campaign combines a range of tools to create a powerful and effective marketing strategy which delivers maximum impact and ROI. This final session will use what you have learned from all previous sessions to create your objectives, digital strategy and campaigns for the coming months.

Dates: 18th and 19th November

Time: 10am-4pm

Our place: Prestons College, Preston

Price: £360 exc. VAT (lunch and refreshments provided)

Marketing Minds Academy Member: £280 + VAT

Delegates will need to bring a wi-fi enabled laptop or tablet to take part in the practical exercises.

Contact us: Jean Atkinson 07875599963