Freshwalks | Networking on the Move: The Tolkien Trail

Explore the landscapes of the Shire in the footsteps of the Lord of the Rings author who penned much of his magnum opus while staying at Stonyhurst College in the beautiful Hodder Valley.

Tolkien wrote extensively while staying at this grand old college during the Second World War and many of the place names in this enchanted valley resonate with vividly described landscapes of the Shire.

Meet at the charming old coaching inn of the Shireburn and enjoy an easy riverside ramble with some splendid autumn colours on display in the ancient woodlands before returning via the impressive façade of the college itself.

Freshwalks takes networking and peer mentoring outdoors to gain new insights and fresh perspectives.

Freshwalks improves performance at work by bringing balance and perspective to business people and professionals.

Our walks promote wellbeing at work by emphasising exercise, challenge and achievement through collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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