1-Day Mental Health Awareness Training

Mental health is just as important as physical health. But what can you do to ensure you know how to deal with mental health issues?

We offer fully certified training, meaning you can become qualified in mental health awareness. 

The 1-day course has been developed by qualified Counsellors and Psychotherapists and in addition to engaging in discussions and activities around these topics, participants will be introduced to come theoretical knowledge exploring some relational and behavioural models of communication. This offers participants a more in-depth and insightful understanding of mental health risk factors. Additionally, participants will learn and practice active listening skills and will leave the course feeling more confident in terms of supporting and signposting someone who may be experiencing mental health difficulties.


- A more comprehensive 2-day training course

- Level 2 Counselling - The first steps to becoming a practising counsellor.

- Workshops covering a variety of topics (stress, depressions, coping with loss, etc) ideal for employees. 

Please email info@ph7health.co.uk to enquire.