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Help our 30,000 readers ace their marketing in 2020

It’s an exciting time to be in control of a marketing budget: there are more options available than ever before and new ideas coming to the fore all the time.

From the Nelson companies who have employed virtual reality to promote their businesses to prospective employees, through online videos, content marketing, social media and electronic newsletters, the digital realm offers marketers untold ways of reaching their audience.

And then there’s the traditional methods of PR, print publications, radio, leaflet drops and in person events, which have stood the test of time for a reason: they work.

In Lancashire Business View’s marketing guide, published in our January/February edition, we’ll explore the vast range of options open to the businesses of the county. We’ll talk about what’s available, who it’s for and how to ensure the best returns from marketing spend.

We welcome contributions from all related fields - traditional marketing and PR consultancies, digital agencies, video, photography and content producers, business growth experts and many more besides. If you can share tips, advice or insight on marketing in 2020, we want to hear from you.

This feature is, in itself, an excellent marketing tool. While helping others boost their own brands, you will raise your profile among 30,000 readers. Each contributor will receive editorial space to showcase their knowledge, alongside advertising space to showcase branding, marketing messages and contact details. You’ll be featured in our magazine, website and weekly newsletter. Contact us now for more information and to ensure your place within this guide.


For £500 +VAT all contributors to this feature receive -

  • Advertising space - quarter page advert printed in 10,000 magazines
  • Branded editorial - 260 words to offer your insight and advice on this topic
  • Online exposure - Your branding and advice shared across our platforms with 50,000 opportunities to be seen


To secure your place in this feature please contact Stephen Bolton on 01254 297871 or