How to: Fund your business

Help our 50,000 readers explore their funding options in 2021

Cashflow, finance and funding are top of the agenda for many businesses in the red rose county. Whether sourcing a safety net while the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact daily life, or building resources to recruit, grow and acquire as new opportunities present themselves, our 50,000 readers are eager to learn more about the funding options open to them.

We are seeking experts who can discuss the various forms of funding and where best to source it, from borrowing to business grants. We’ll discuss which types of finance suit which organisations in which situations, as well detailing the most effective ways of accessing and utilising finance.

Catered to all sizes of businesses in all sectors, our funding guide will be essential reading throughout the county and give all expert contributors an unrivalled platform to showcase their products and services.

We have opportunities for: All experts who can share insight into finance and funding with our readers, including: business support agencies, banks, sources of alternative financing including invoice, asset and peer-to-peer lending, brokers, as well as accountants, finance professionals and business coaches and advisors.

We are offering: Your booking will include a by-lined article to showcase your advice, alongside a quarter-page to promote your branding, contact details and key messages. Your article will feature in our print publication, our website and will be promoted on our weekly email newsletter and our social media channels.

About Lancashire Business View: Lancashire Business View is a trusted source of news and advice for 50,000 readers in Lancashire. Our features are well-respected, well-read and give you an unrivalled opportunity to showcase your brand, your expertise and your key messages.

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