Education Landscape

National education charity seeks the views of Lancashire businesses to help untap local skills and talent

One of the primary challenges for business owners is engaging with education to shape and acquire the skills they need to thrive. Research has shown that many small business owners want to interact more with local schools and colleges - by offering apprenticeships for instance - but feel they lack the time and finance.

The Gatsby Charitable Foundation, in partnership with the Lancashire Skills Hub, are developing a free and independent resource to help meet this challenge. The Education Landscape toolkit is a clear guide to the education system, designed to help businesses identify opportunities where they can participate to the benefit of their organisation – whether that’s to meet mid to long-term skills challenges; build resilience for an ever-evolving technological and industrial future; or give back to the local community.

To refine the resource, Lancashire businesses are being asked to share where they seek advice around talent and skills for their workforce and how they currently interact with educational organisations.

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Dominic Martinez, Project Manager, said:

“Small to medium sized businesses have spoken about how they want to help shape future talent, and benefit from the latest technical education reforms, but can find the variety and scale of opportunities overwhelming. This toolkit will help businesses to engage with education strategically in the way that best suits them. By voicing their opinions in this short survey, they can help us to ensure that this much-needed resource is as useful and effective as possible.”

At a time when businesses are facing evolving pressures, people and skills remain a key factor in the success of Lancashire’s businesses. With technical education and training in England undergoing substantial reform, businesses that engage with education now can see a number of tangible benefits.

By taking part in the survey, Lancashire businesses can help to ensure businesses have the tools they need to engage with education in a way that is beneficial to business, local industry and economy.

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The survey of Lancashire businesses is running until 5pm on Friday 5th March.  To view the beta Education Landscape materials, visit:

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