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Step away from the screen

“It alarms me how many parents are using tablets and phones to entertain their children,” says Jeremy Duke, Highfield Priory headmaster, “especially at mealtimes, rather than simply chatting to them and getting to know them better. “Holidays are a time to catch up…

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Why you might be left waiting for your sale money

By Matthew Catterall, Solicitor, Taylors As a seller, most company owners are primarily concerned with the price to be paid by a prospective purchaser. However, the ‘headline’ price agreed can differ significantly from the cheque that you receive on completion.…


More options than ever for growing businesses

By Philip Hargreaves, Head of Access to Finance There has been an explosion in commercial finance providers since 2010. A simple search of the internet will herald a multitude of funding options, particularly those which are noted as “alternative finance…


Debate: Sustainability and CSR

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility are moving up the boardroom agenda. But are Lancashire companies doing enough to meet the challenges of doing business the right way? We brought our panel of experts to the Hapton offices of creative agency…


Lancashire’s strengths bring certainty in uncertain times

In reality, the property market topped out two to three years ago in London and, whilst the recovery continued elsewhere, the regional property market was generally still pretty tough in the lead up to the EU referendum on June 23.…

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Brand purpose (and why you shouldn’t worry about it)

Most successful creative campaigns go beyond facts and engage people  with emotion. The Brexit vote in the UK was a classic case study of this in action. The idea of “taking back control” was much more powerful than boring financial…

Image by Nick Dagger Photography Opinion

Opinion: Why common sense creativity beats the digital hype

Most of the stuff you read about digital marketing is at best misguided, and at worst misleading. You’re sold a myth that you need clicks, likes and shares to succeed. And you’re surrounded by meaningless buzzwords like “content marketing.” By…


Miniskirts and Pensions

  By Neil Welsh, financial adviser, PM+M Wealth Management Whilst the rising hemline of Mary Quant’s early 1960s fashion creation is still in evidence today, the retirement planning solutions which were in vogue at the time look very different.


‘Not all doom and gloom’ for construction after Brexit vote

Despite fears from some in the construction sector, Earle Brady, head of Construction & Engineering at North West law firm Napthens, believes there are still plenty of positives signs for developers.

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