Business clinic: risk management

Help our readers to protect their businesses

Whether it’s hacking scandals, wild storms or impending international pandemics, the news headlines are never short of disaster stories. And each case has the potential to impact and change the fortunes of Lancashire businesses.

In our Risk Management feature, to be published within the May/June edition of Lancashire Business View, we’ll explore how to prepare for potential business disruptions, both the predictable and unpredictable. We’ll cover assessment, risk reduction, preparation, insurance and crisis management.

If you have best practice advice to share that can help red rose county businesses minimise exposure to risk, handle potential emergencies and recover if disaster does strike, we want to hear from you.

We have opportunities for those working in training, assessment, health and safety, security, business continuity, reputation management, and any related industry, to share their advice and expertise with our 30,000 readers.

All contributors receive editorial space to share their expertise, as well as advertising space in which to broadcast your key messages and contact details. Your article will feature online and be broadcast through our popular weekly email and social media channels.

This feature will also be part of our Red Rose Awards recap edition, one of the most popular magazines of the year. Contact the commercial team now to secure your place.


For £500 +VAT all contributors to this feature receive -

  • Advertising space - quarter page advert printed in 10,000 magazines
  • Branded editorial - 260 words to offer your insight and advice on this topic
  • Online exposure - Your branding and advice shared across our platforms with 50,000 opportunities to be seen


To secure your place in this feature please contact Stephen Bolton on 01254 297871 or