Business clinic: employment law and HR

Help 30,000 Lancashire readers navigate HR and employment law

Living wage increases, a growing understanding of the link between work and mental health and confusion over the attitude towards romantic relationships in the workplace: the world of HR and employment law is complex and constantly evolving.

And that’s just the knowhow needed to stay on the right side of the law. Today’s high flying employers also know that nurturing employees is key to optimum performance, from flexible working to perks ranging from the traditional (funded training) to the innovative (yoga days).

Lancashire Business View’s annual HR and employment law clinic will return in our January/February edition and will explore a wide variety of topics, from the legalities of hiring and firing to the myriad complex issues in between.

We are calling for contributions from experts working in law, HR, recruitment, coaching, and all related disciplines that can help Lancashire businesses build effective and productive workforces that flourish.

All organisations contributing to this popular feature will receive editorial space to showcase their knowledge, alongside advertising space to showcase branding, marketing messages and contact details. You’ll be featured in our magazine, website and weekly newsletter with a total audience of 30,000 readers.

This advertorial provides an unbeatable way of raising awareness of your profile throughout the red rose county. Contact us now for more information and to confirm your place within our guide.


For £500 +VAT all contributors to this feature receive -

  • Advertising space - quarter page advert printed in 10,000 magazines
  • Branded editorial - 260 words to offer your insight and advice on this topic
  • Online exposure - Your branding and advice shared across our platforms with 50,000 opportunities to be seen


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