A guide to: IT and technology

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IT spending is predicted to rise again in 2020, all while the way businesses buy and use technology continues to evolve. The result is a marketplace that has never been more important or complex, and we are here to help provide all the information our 30,000 readers require to make smarter purchasing decisions.

Lancashire Business View’s IT and Tech guide, to be published in our May/June edition, will explore the wide variety of options available - online, offline, hardware and software - including how to identify what’s right for your business and how to use it effectively.

The guide will cover the shift towards software as a service, the growing emphasis on cloud technology, the increasing complexity of cyber security, and all related topics.

We are seeking experts from the fields of IT, telecoms, training and skills, HR, cyber security and beyond to contribute their best practice tips and advice.

All contributors to this guide will receive editorial and advertising space. Your article will feature online and be broadcast through our popular weekly email and social media channels.

This feature will also be part of our Red Rose Awards recap edition, one of the most popular magazines of the year. Contact the commercial team now to secure your place in the IT and Tech guide.


For £500 +VAT all contributors to this feature receive -

  • Advertising space - quarter page advert printed in 10,000 magazines
  • Branded editorial - 260 words to offer your insight and advice on this topic
  • Online exposure - Your branding and advice shared across our platforms with 50,000 opportunities to be seen


To secure your place in this feature please contact Stephen Bolton on 01254 297871 or Stephen@lancashirebusinessview.co.uk